How to rip dvd super 8 for your smart phone?

DVD Super 8 will be available on Nov 22. Of ocourse, it has copy protection as other comercial DVDs. And it was spreaded as a lot of editions, so far, Ideal DVD Software has successfully removed copy protection in four different editions.

On this dvd, there're 10 fake VTS and in the real VTS, there're also fake PGCs, anyway Ideal DVD to MP4 Converter is more intelligent than other dvd ripping software, can figure them out and filt the fake ones. You won't be puzzled by the fake titles and worry about making a bad rip.

Now, you may just download the latest version 1.0.1 of Ideal DVD to MP4 Converter from and install it. Then have a try. When ripping, ensure your computer is connected to internet and don't run other decrypters in the background, because other decrypters can conflict with it.

Then follow the steps below to rip super 8 for your smart phone.
1) Launch Ideal DVD to MP4 Converter.
2) Insert DVD "Super 8" to your DVD-Rom drive.
3) Check the checkbox before the title you want to rip.
4) Choose the audio track and subtitle you like under the title list box.
5) Choose a proper profile from the "Profile" dropdown list, for example, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, HTC etc.
6) Set the target directory to hold the output file. You may click "Choose" button beside "Destination" box to set the target directory. Our program will automatically create an IdealDVD2MP4 folder on your largest hard drive as the target.
7) Click "Rip" button to begin the ripping.

After ripping, you will get a .mp4 file, then you can transfer that file your smart phone, take it along with you, and you may enjoy it anytime.

If you still can't rip"Super 8" with this version, that mostly means your DVD is another edition they haven't fixed, just keep the DVD in your DVD drive, click "File"->"Export ifo files" menu, save the exported file and send the .iba file to their support team , they'll analyze it and fix it within one day.

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