How to copy main movie of a blu-ray disc?

The whole blu ray movie usually includes multiple kinds of audio tracks for different languages, such as DTS, AC3, and multiple subtitles, also may includes prevue, trailers, extras etc. Sometimes, on some special movies, you even can't skip the prevue, you must be patient to watch the whole prevue, then go into the main movie. Quite a troublesome issue. Want to get pass of this issue and only get the real main movie you're interested? Here's a guide for how to do it with Ideal Blu-ray Copy.

First, download Ideal Blu-ray Copy from and install it.

(1) Launch Ideal Blu-ray Copy.
(2) Insert your blu-ray DVD movie into your blu-ray burner drive.
(3) Click dropdown.gifbeside "Copy Mode" box. Then choose "Only the main movie".
Then you'll get the following window, just choose a proper main movie from the "Movie to Copy" dropdown list, then select the audio tracks and subtitles you wanted. And press "OK" to save it.
(4) Click "Start" button to begin copying.

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