How to convert dvd to iPad format with Ideal DVD to iPad Converter?

If you're an ipad fan, you must want to appreciate your favorite dvds on your ipad, then an ipad converter software is needed. There're many such kind of software on the internet, which one is efficient and easy to use? By trying a lot, I finally got Ideal DVD to iPad Converter.

Here is a guide about how to convert your dvd to ipad and sync to your ipad device. First, please download the latest version of Ideal DVD to iPad Converter from and install it. Then folow the steps below.

Step 1: Rip dvd to iPad format with Ideal DVD to iPad Converter.
1. Launch Ideal DVD to iPad Converter.
2. Insert a DVD to your DVD-Rom drive. If the DVD file you want to convert is on your hard drive, please just click opendvd.gif button then choose opendvd2.gif to select the "VIDEO_TS" folder of the DVD.


3. Choose a proper title, audio track, subtitle and profile. Ideal DVD to iPad Converter will automatically list the titles which are longer than 20 minutes. If you want to see all titles on the DVD, please click "List other titles…" or "Show All Titles" button on the screen.

4. Click "Browse" button which is beside the "Target" textbox to choose a proper directory to put the output file. The default path is "My documents\IdealDVD2iPad".

Step 2: Sync the ripped file to your iPad device.
1. Download free iTunes from and install. The version should be at least 10.
2. Connect your iPad to computer. And then launch iTunes.
3. Adding mp4 to iTunes. You may click "File->Add File to Library…." to choose the .mp4 file which was created by Ideal DVD to iPad Converter.
4. Click "Sync iPad" menu under "File" to transfer the mp4 file to your ipad.

5. Click "Go" button to begin the ripping.

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